6.6. Chapter summary discussion

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These data demonstrate that while obsidian procurement and local consumption had notable variation in certain prehispanic periods, some structuring aspects of regional obsidian consumption remained stable. Some of the expectations of distance-decay are borne-out diachronically. For example, despite the proximity of the Chivay source to Block 2 and Block 3, obsidian never dominates the lithic assemblage in Block 3, and by weight obsidian never dominates in Block 2 despite wide evidence from many small flakes. Although the manufacturing advantages of obsidian are well known, it appears that its utility was sufficiently specific that it was not widely used by local populations despite abundant access only a few hours from their communities. The following chapter will explore in more detail the results of test excavations in each of the three blocks discussed here, and subsequently Chapter 8 will discuss synthetically the implications of these data in light of regional obsidian consumption patterns from Chapter 3.