5.7. Lab analysis

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Laboratory analysis followed on fieldwork with the aim of inventorying the collections from survey and test excavations, the examination of all diagnostic artifacts, and comprehensive analysis of a sample of all flaked stone artifacts recovered during fieldwork. Lab analysis took place in two stages in spring and summer of 2004 in collaboration with Willy Yepez, Alex Mackay (ANU), Randi Gladwell, Saul Morales, and Javier Morales, with additional assistance provided by Adan Lacunza, Guillermo Flores, and Tamara Flores Ramos.

These lab data contributed to the quantitative analyses that are presented in Chapters 6 and 7 of this document. In addition to ArcGIS 9, the software packages employed in this analysis \were SPSS 12 for boxplots, cluster analysis, principal components analysis, and Chi-Squared tests; and for data organization and display, principally through the indispensable Pivot Tables feature, the analysis depended on Excel 2003.